bioDBnet: Web Services: SOAP - Sample Code

Sample code for bioDBnet SOAP APIs

Sample code in different languagues is provided. If you would like to share your code with other bioDBnet users, please contact us.


$wsdl = "";

$client = new SoapClient($wsdl);

$inputs = $client->getInputs();
print $inputs;

$input = "Gene Symbol";
$outputs = $client->getOutputsForInput($input);
print $outputs;

$dirOutputs = $client->getDirectOutputsForInput($input);
print $dirOutputs;

$db2dbParams['input'] = $input;
$db2dbParams['outputs'] = "Gene ID, Ensembl Gene ID";
$db2dbParams['inputValues'] = "MYC,A1BG";
$db2dbParams['taxonId'] = "9606";

$db2dbRes = $client->db2db($db2dbParams);
print $db2dbRes;


import SOAPpy
from SOAPpy import WSDL

biodbnet = WSDL.Proxy('')

input = 'Gene Symbol'
inputValues = 'MYC, CPT1A'
output = 'Gene ID'
outputs = 'Gene Symbol, Ensembl Protein ID'
taxonId = '9606'

inputResult = biodbnet.getInputs()
print inputResult

outputResult = biodbnet.getOutputsForInput(input)
print outputResult

directOutputResult = biodbnet.getDirectOutputsForInput(input)
print directOutputResult

db2dbParams = SOAPpy.structType({'input': input, 'inputValues': inputValues, 'outputs': outputs, 'taxonId': taxonId})
db2dbResult = biodbnet.db2db(db2dbParams)
print db2dbResult