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biological DataBase network is an application integrating a vast number of biological databases including Gene, UniProt, Ensembl, GO, Affy, RefSeq etc. The databases are created by downloading data from various public resources. They are formatted and maintained in a relational structure at the Advanced Biomedical Computing Center (ABCC).

In the current release of bioDBnet there are 211 distinct nodes and 758 edges. Details on the integration process, the network and version changes are available under the 'Documents' tab

Brief notes on what bioDBnet currently offers

db2db handles all the conversions from one database identifier to another.

dbWalk lets you walk through your own bioDBnet path.

dbReport reports every possible information that it can get for a particular identifier.

dbFind finds the type of identifiers and converts all into a chosen database identifier type

dbOrtho converts identifiers from one organism into homolog identifiers of a different organism

dbAnnot provides different types of annotations for various biological identifiers

dbOrg provides downloadable files of organism wide conversions

bioDBnet also offers supporting analysis tools to the main functions

orgTaxon for finding the taxon ID of an organism

goTree to look at the parents of any go accession

chrView for visualising data on chromosomes

bioTaxon for finding genes, proteins or GO accessions based on search terms