bioDBnet: dbWalk

Walk through the Biological Database Network

dbWalk is a form of database to database conversion where the user has complete control on the path to follow while doing the conversion. When a input/node is added to the path the input selection gets updated with all the nodes that it can access directly. In other words this conversion can be done using a single query to our database. Our network graph and table will give a better idea on the nodes that will be populated when an input is added to the path. Any number of nodes can be added this way but adding more might just lead to recursive queries and it would also decrease the probability of getting the results significantly. Visit our examples page for a sample query.

Select and add to the path the input type of your identifier list, keep adding to the path until the desired node. Add your ID's to the ID list box and set the remove duplicate values to 'No' if you do not want duplicates to be removed. The results can be limited to a particular taxon by entering it's taxon ID. Clicking on submit returns a table of your input values matched against the outputs and the intermediates in the exact order as entered. However, if all of the input values do not return results for an intermediate node then dbWalk stops execution at that point

Identifier values can have comma (,)
Remove duplicate input values Yes No