bioDBnet: Documentation: Network Graph tabulated

Tabular representation of bioDBnet

The table below lists all the nodes of bioDBnet and the current edge weights. Edge weights are calculated just to give a broad idea on the expected probability of finding an output node given an input node. They do not have any statistical value. Refer to the FAQ section in dbInfo to know more about how edge weights are calculated.

The table can also be referenced when using dbWalk as it lists all the output nodes for any input node.

Input NodeOutput NodeEdge Weight
Affy GeneChip ArrayAffy Annotation1
Affy GeneChip ArrayAffy ID1
Affy IDAffy Annotation1
Affy IDEC Number.08
Affy IDEnsembl Gene ID1.41
Affy IDGO - Biological Process.01
Affy IDGO - Cellular Component.01
Affy IDGO - Molecular Function.01
Affy IDGene ID.66
Affy IDH-Inv Locus ID.4
Affy IDInterPro ID.41
Affy IDMGI ID.06
Affy IDMIM ID.15
Affy IDRGD ID.01
Affy IDRefSeq Protein Accession.61
Affy IDRefSeq mRNA Accession.64
Affy IDUniGene ID.74
Affy IDUniProt Accession.65
Affy IDUniProt Entry Name.29
Affy IDdbSNP ID.01
Affy Transcript Cluster IDGene Symbol1
Affy Transcript Cluster IDGene Symbol1
Affy Transcript Cluster IDUniProt Accession1
Affy Transcript Cluster IDUniProt Accession1
Agilent IDEnsembl Gene ID.23
Agilent IDGene ID.88
Agilent IDGene Symbol.93
Agilent IDH-Inv Locus ID.03
Biocarta Pathway NameBiocarta Pathway Description1
Biocarta Pathway NameBiocarta Pathway Title1
Biocarta Pathway NameGene ID1
CodeLink IDEnsembl Gene ID0
DrugBank Drug IDChEBI ID.17
DrugBank Drug IDDPD DIN.09
DrugBank Drug IDDrugBank Drug Enzyme ID.09
DrugBank Drug IDDrugBank Drug Info.28
DrugBank Drug IDDrugBank Drug Name1
DrugBank Drug IDDrugBank Drug Target ID.55
DrugBank Drug IDKEGG Compound ID.12
DrugBank Drug IDKEGG Drug ID.1
DrugBank Drug IDPharmGKB Drug ID.11
DrugBank Drug IDPubChem ID.55
DrugBank Drug IDUniProt Accession.13
DrugBank Drug IDUniProt Entry Name.13
DrugBank Drug NameChEBI ID.63
DrugBank Drug NameDPD DIN.62
DrugBank Drug NameDrugBank Drug Enzyme ID.54
DrugBank Drug NameDrugBank Drug Info.79
DrugBank Drug NameDrugBank Drug Target ID.94
DrugBank Drug NameKEGG Compound ID.55
DrugBank Drug NameKEGG Drug ID.75
DrugBank Drug NamePharmGKB Drug ID.67
DrugBank Drug NamePubChem ID.88
DrugBank Drug NameUniProt Accession.01
DrugBank Drug NameUniProt Entry Name.72
EC NumberAffy ID0
EC NumberGO - Biological Process0
EC NumberGO - Molecular Function0
EC NumberH-Inv Locus ID0
EC NumberKEGG Gene ID0
EC NumberUniProt Accession0
EC NumberUniProt Entry Name0
EST AccessionTissue (expressed in).68
EST AccessionUniGene ID1
Ensembl Gene IDAffy ID.2
Ensembl Gene IDAgilent ID.09
Ensembl Gene IDCCDS ID.03
Ensembl Gene IDCOSMIC ID.02
Ensembl Gene IDChromosomal Location.1
Ensembl Gene IDCodeLink ID.04
Ensembl Gene IDEnsembl Biotype1
Ensembl Gene IDEnsembl Gene Info1
Ensembl Gene IDEnsembl Protein ID.79
Ensembl Gene IDEnsembl Transcript ID1
Ensembl Gene IDFlyBase Gene ID.01
Ensembl Gene IDFlyBase Protein ID.01
Ensembl Gene IDFlyBase Transcript ID.01
Ensembl Gene IDGO - Biological Process.49
Ensembl Gene IDGO - Cellular Component.45
Ensembl Gene IDGO - Molecular Function.58
Ensembl Gene IDGenBank Nucleotide Accession.4
Ensembl Gene IDGenBank Protein Accession.11
Ensembl Gene IDGene ID.47
Ensembl Gene IDHGNC ID.43
Ensembl Gene IDHomolog - All Ens Gene ID.75
Ensembl Gene IDHomolog - All Ens Protein ID.75
Ensembl Gene IDHomolog - Human Ens Gene ID.64
Ensembl Gene IDHomolog - Human Ens Protein ID.64
Ensembl Gene IDHomolog - Mouse Ens Gene ID.64
Ensembl Gene IDHomolog - Mouse Ens Protein ID.64
Ensembl Gene IDHomolog - Rat Ens Gene ID.64
Ensembl Gene IDHomolog - Rat Ens Protein ID.64
Ensembl Gene IDIllumina ID.05
Ensembl Gene IDInterPro ID.01
Ensembl Gene IDKEGG Orthology ID.5
Ensembl Gene IDMEROPS ID.01
Ensembl Gene IDMGI ID.04
Ensembl Gene IDMIM ID.02
Ensembl Gene IDPDB ID.01
Ensembl Gene IDPIRSF ID.04
Ensembl Gene IDPRINTS ID.26
Ensembl Gene IDPROSITE ID.09
Ensembl Gene IDParalog - Ens Gene ID.56
Ensembl Gene IDPfam ID.63
Ensembl Gene IDRGD ID.02
Ensembl Gene IDRefSeq Protein Accession.1
Ensembl Gene IDRefSeq mRNA Accession.09
Ensembl Gene IDRefSeq ncRNA Accession.03
Ensembl Gene IDRfam ID.11
Ensembl Gene IDSGD ID.01
Ensembl Gene IDSMART ID.35
Ensembl Gene IDSTRING Protein Interactor.05
Ensembl Gene IDTIGRFAMs ID.05
Ensembl Gene IDTaxon ID.88
Ensembl Gene IDUCSC ID.04
Ensembl Gene IDUniGene ID.15
Ensembl Gene IDUniProt Accession.55
Ensembl Gene IDVEGA Gene ID.07
Ensembl Gene IDVEGA Protein ID.04
Ensembl Gene IDVEGA Transcript ID.07
Ensembl Gene IDWormBase Gene ID.5
Ensembl Gene IDWormPep Protein ID.02
Ensembl Gene IDZFIN ID.11
Ensembl Gene IDdbSNP ID.29
Ensembl Gene IDmiRBase ID.01
Ensembl Protein IDAffy ID.26
Ensembl Protein IDAgilent ID.13
Ensembl Protein IDCCDS ID.05
Ensembl Protein IDCOSMIC ID.06
Ensembl Protein IDCodeLink ID.07
Ensembl Protein IDEnsembl Gene ID1
Ensembl Protein IDEnsembl Transcript ID1
Ensembl Protein IDFlyBase Gene ID.02
Ensembl Protein IDFlyBase Protein ID.02
Ensembl Protein IDFlyBase Transcript ID.02
Ensembl Protein IDGO - Biological Process.61
Ensembl Protein IDGO - Cellular Component.56
Ensembl Protein IDGO - Molecular Function.73
Ensembl Protein IDGenBank Nucleotide Accession.53
Ensembl Protein IDGenBank Protein Accession.15
Ensembl Protein IDGene ID.62
Ensembl Protein IDHGNC ID.53
Ensembl Protein IDHomolog - All Ens Gene ID.82
Ensembl Protein IDHomolog - All Ens Protein ID.82
Ensembl Protein IDHomolog - Human Ens Gene ID.69
Ensembl Protein IDHomolog - Human Ens Protein ID.69
Ensembl Protein IDHomolog - Mouse Ens Gene ID.68
Ensembl Protein IDHomolog - Mouse Ens Protein ID.68
Ensembl Protein IDHomolog - Rat Ens Gene ID.66
Ensembl Protein IDHomolog - Rat Ens Protein ID.66
Ensembl Protein IDIllumina ID.08
Ensembl Protein IDInterPro ID.02
Ensembl Protein IDMEROPS ID.01
Ensembl Protein IDMGI ID.05
Ensembl Protein IDMIM ID.05
Ensembl Protein IDPDB ID.02
Ensembl Protein IDPIRSF ID.05
Ensembl Protein IDPRINTS ID.33
Ensembl Protein IDPROSITE ID.11
Ensembl Protein IDPfam ID.8
Ensembl Protein IDRGD ID.02
Ensembl Protein IDRefSeq Protein Accession.13
Ensembl Protein IDRefSeq mRNA Accession.12
Ensembl Protein IDRefSeq ncRNA Accession.03
Ensembl Protein IDSGD ID.01
Ensembl Protein IDSMART ID.45
Ensembl Protein IDSTRING Protein Interactor.1
Ensembl Protein IDTIGRFAMs ID.06
Ensembl Protein IDUCSC ID.07
Ensembl Protein IDUniGene ID.24
Ensembl Protein IDUniProt Accession.73
Ensembl Protein IDVEGA Gene ID.12
Ensembl Protein IDVEGA Protein ID.11
Ensembl Protein IDVEGA Transcript ID.11
Ensembl Protein IDWormPep Protein ID.02
Ensembl Protein IDZFIN ID.14
Ensembl Protein IDdbSNP ID.32
Ensembl Transcript IDAffy ID.28
Ensembl Transcript IDAgilent ID.13
Ensembl Transcript IDCCDS ID.04
Ensembl Transcript IDCOSMIC ID.08
Ensembl Transcript IDCodeLink ID.08
Ensembl Transcript IDEnsembl Biotype1
Ensembl Transcript IDEnsembl Gene ID1
Ensembl Transcript IDEnsembl Protein ID.78
Ensembl Transcript IDFlyBase Gene ID.02
Ensembl Transcript IDFlyBase Protein ID.02
Ensembl Transcript IDFlyBase Transcript ID.02
Ensembl Transcript IDGO - Biological Process.47
Ensembl Transcript IDGO - Cellular Component.43
Ensembl Transcript IDGO - Molecular Function.57
Ensembl Transcript IDGenBank Nucleotide Accession.41
Ensembl Transcript IDGenBank Protein Accession.12
Ensembl Transcript IDGene ID.55
Ensembl Transcript IDHGNC ID.45
Ensembl Transcript IDIllumina ID.09
Ensembl Transcript IDInterPro ID.02
Ensembl Transcript IDMEROPS ID.01
Ensembl Transcript IDMGI ID.06
Ensembl Transcript IDMIM ID.07
Ensembl Transcript IDPDB ID.01
Ensembl Transcript IDPIRSF ID.04
Ensembl Transcript IDPRINTS ID.25
Ensembl Transcript IDPROSITE ID.09
Ensembl Transcript IDPfam ID.62
Ensembl Transcript IDRGD ID.01
Ensembl Transcript IDRefSeq Protein Accession.1
Ensembl Transcript IDRefSeq mRNA Accession.09
Ensembl Transcript IDRefSeq ncRNA Accession.02
Ensembl Transcript IDRfam ID.09
Ensembl Transcript IDSGD ID.01
Ensembl Transcript IDSMART ID.35
Ensembl Transcript IDSTRING Protein Interactor.05
Ensembl Transcript IDTIGRFAMs ID.05
Ensembl Transcript IDUCSC ID.07
Ensembl Transcript IDUniGene ID.24
Ensembl Transcript IDUniProt Accession.57
Ensembl Transcript IDVEGA Gene ID.17
Ensembl Transcript IDVEGA Protein ID.08
Ensembl Transcript IDVEGA Transcript ID.16
Ensembl Transcript IDWormPep Protein ID.02
Ensembl Transcript IDZFIN ID.12
Ensembl Transcript IDdbSNP ID.36
Ensembl Transcript IDmiRBase ID.01
FlyBase Gene IDEnsembl Gene ID0
FlyBase Gene IDGene ID0
FlyBase Gene IDUniProt Accession0
FlyBase Gene IDUniProt Entry Name0
GI NumberGene ID0
GO IDCOG Term.01
GO IDEC Number.11
GO IDEnsembl Gene ID.46
GO IDGO Annotation1
GO IDGene ID.58
GO IDInterPro ID.12
GO IDMetaCyc Reaction.12
GO IDMultiFun ID.02
GO IDPfam ID.06
GO IDReactome ID.04
GO IDRfam ID.01
GO IDSP Keywords Accession.02
GO IDSP Subcellular Location Acc.02
GO IDUM-BBD Enzyme ID.01
GO IDUM-BBD Pathway ID.01
GO IDUniProt Accession.59
GO IDUniProt Entry Name.59
GSEA Standard NameGSEA Group Members1
GenBank Nucleotide AccessionEnsembl Gene ID.01
GenBank Nucleotide AccessionGenBank Nucleotide Info1
GenBank Nucleotide AccessionGenBank Protein Accession.05
GenBank Nucleotide AccessionGene ID.01
GenBank Nucleotide AccessionH-Inv Locus ID.01
GenBank Nucleotide AccessionUniGene ID.27
GenBank Protein AccessionEnsembl Gene ID.03
GenBank Protein AccessionGenBank Nucleotide Accession1
GenBank Protein AccessionGenBank Protein Info1.01
GenBank Protein AccessionGene ID.66
GenBank Protein AccessionHomolog - All Protein Acc.02
GenBank Protein AccessionHomolog - Human Protein Acc.01
GenBank Protein AccessionHomolog - Mouse Protein Acc.01
GenBank Protein AccessionHomolog - Rat Protein Acc.01
Gene IDAffy ID.03
Gene IDApiDB_CryptoDB ID.01
Gene IDBiocarta Pathway Name.01
Gene IDCTD Disease Info.01
Gene IDCTD Disease Name.01
Gene IDDrugBank Drug Info.01
Gene IDEcoGene ID.01
Gene IDEnsembl Gene ID.05
Gene IDFlyBase Gene ID.02
Gene IDGAD Disease Info.01
Gene IDGAD Disease Name.01
Gene IDGO - Biological Process.02
Gene IDGO - Cellular Component.02
Gene IDGO - Molecular Function.02
Gene IDGO ID.02
Gene IDGSEA Standard Name.01
Gene IDGenBank Nucleotide Accession.03
Gene IDGenBank Nucleotide GI.03
Gene IDGenBank Protein Accession.76
Gene IDGenBank Protein GI.76
Gene IDGene Info1
Gene IDGene Symbol1
Gene IDGene Symbol and Synonyms1.01
Gene IDGene Synonyms.78
Gene IDH-Inv Locus ID.01
Gene IDHMDB Metabolite.01
Gene IDHPRD Protein Complex.01
Gene IDHPRD Protein Interactor.01
Gene IDHomoloGene ID.02
Gene IDHomolog - All Gene ID.02
Gene IDHomolog - Human Gene ID.02
Gene IDHomolog - Mouse Gene ID.02
Gene IDHomolog - Rat Gene ID.02
Gene IDInterPro ID.01
Gene IDKEGG Disease ID.01
Gene IDKEGG Gene ID.65
Gene IDKEGG Orthology ID.8
Gene IDKEGG Pathway ID.17
Gene IDKEGG Pathway Info.17
Gene IDKEGG Pathway Title.17
Gene IDLocus Tag.77
Gene IDMGC(ZGC/XGC) Image ID.01
Gene IDMGC(ZGC/XGC) Info.01
Gene IDMGI ID.01
Gene IDMIM Info.01
Gene IDPBR ID.01
Gene IDPharmGKB Drug Info.01
Gene IDPubMed ID.52
Gene IDRGD ID.01
Gene IDReactome Pathway Name.01
Gene IDRefSeq Genomic Accession1
Gene IDRefSeq Genomic GI1
Gene IDRefSeq Nucleotide GI.4
Gene IDRefSeq Protein Accession.92
Gene IDRefSeq Protein GI.92
Gene IDRefSeq mRNA Accession.4
Gene IDSGD ID.01
Gene IDTaxon ID1
Gene IDUniGene ID.04
Gene IDUniProt Accession.12
Gene IDUniProt Entry Name.12
Gene IDUniSTS ID.02
Gene IDVectorBase Gene ID.01
Gene IDWormBase Gene ID.01
Gene IDXenBase Gene ID.01
Gene IDdbSNP ID.02
Gene SymbolCTD Disease Info.01
Gene SymbolCTD Disease Name.01
Gene SymbolDrugBank Drug Info.01
Gene SymbolGAD Disease Info.01
Gene SymbolGAD Disease Name.01
Gene SymbolGSEA Standard Name.02
Gene SymbolGene ID1
Gene SymbolHMDB Metabolite.01
Gene SymbolKEGG Disease ID.01
Gene SymbolLocus Tag.83
Gene SymbolMIM Info.01
Gene SymbolPharmGKB Drug Info.01
Gene SymbolReactome Pathway Name.01
Gene SymbolUniProt Accession1
Gene SymbolUniProt Entry Name1
Gene Symbol ORFUniProt Accession0
Gene Symbol ORFUniProt Entry Name0
Gene Symbol Ordered LocusUniProt Accession0
Gene Symbol Ordered LocusUniProt Entry Name0
Gene Symbol and SynonymsGSEA Standard Name.02
Gene Symbol and SynonymsGene ID1
Gene Symbol and SynonymsGene Symbol1
Gene Symbol and SynonymsUniProt Accession1
Gene Symbol and SynonymsUniProt Entry Name1
H-Inv Locus IDAffy ID.68
H-Inv Locus IDAgilent ID.43
H-Inv Locus IDBIND ID.1
H-Inv Locus IDCCDS ID.32
H-Inv Locus IDChromosomal Location.85
H-Inv Locus IDEC Number.06
H-Inv Locus IDEnsembl Transcript ID.54
H-Inv Locus IDGenBank Nucleotide Accession.98
H-Inv Locus IDGene ID.54
H-Inv Locus IDH-Inv Protein ID.82
H-Inv Locus IDH-Inv Transcript ID1
H-Inv Locus IDHPRD ID.14
H-Inv Locus IDIntAct ID.19
H-Inv Locus IDInterPro ID.43
H-Inv Locus IDKEGG Gene ID.54
H-Inv Locus IDKEGG Pathway ID.04
H-Inv Locus IDKEGG Pathway Info.04
H-Inv Locus IDMIM ID.05
H-Inv Locus IDMINT ID.15
H-Inv Locus IDPDB ID.32
H-Inv Locus IDPubMed ID.45
H-Inv Locus IDRefSeq Protein Accession.34
H-Inv Locus IDRefSeq mRNA Accession.46
H-Inv Locus IDSCOP ID.32
H-Inv Locus IDUniProt Accession.42
H-Inv Locus IDUniProt Entry Name.35
H-Inv Locus IDdbSNP ID.01
H-Inv Protein IDAffy ID.73
H-Inv Protein IDAgilent ID.51
H-Inv Protein IDBIND ID.07
H-Inv Protein IDCCDS ID.12
H-Inv Protein IDChromosomal Location.91
H-Inv Protein IDEC Number.08
H-Inv Protein IDEnsembl Transcript ID.91
H-Inv Protein IDGenBank Nucleotide Accession.99
H-Inv Protein IDGene ID.84
H-Inv Protein IDH-Inv Locus ID1
H-Inv Protein IDH-Inv Transcript ID1
H-Inv Protein IDHPRD ID.1
H-Inv Protein IDIntAct ID.13
H-Inv Protein IDInterPro ID.65
H-Inv Protein IDKEGG Gene ID.84
H-Inv Protein IDKEGG Pathway ID.05
H-Inv Protein IDKEGG Pathway Info.05
H-Inv Protein IDMIM ID.12
H-Inv Protein IDMINT ID.1
H-Inv Protein IDPDB ID.48
H-Inv Protein IDPubMed ID.62
H-Inv Protein IDRefSeq Protein Accession.14
H-Inv Protein IDRefSeq mRNA Accession.87
H-Inv Protein IDSCOP ID.48
H-Inv Protein IDUniProt Accession.27
H-Inv Protein IDUniProt Entry Name.22
H-Inv Protein IDdbSNP ID.01
H-Inv Transcript IDAffy ID.65
H-Inv Transcript IDAgilent ID.46
H-Inv Transcript IDBIND ID.12
H-Inv Transcript IDCCDS ID.28
H-Inv Transcript IDChromosomal Location.88
H-Inv Transcript IDEC Number.07
H-Inv Transcript IDEnsembl Transcript ID.89
H-Inv Transcript IDGenBank Nucleotide Accession.99
H-Inv Transcript IDGene ID.81
H-Inv Transcript IDH-Inv Locus ID1
H-Inv Transcript IDH-Inv Protein ID.92
H-Inv Transcript IDHPRD ID.17
H-Inv Transcript IDIntAct ID.22
H-Inv Transcript IDInterPro ID.63
H-Inv Transcript IDKEGG Gene ID.81
H-Inv Transcript IDKEGG Pathway ID.05
H-Inv Transcript IDKEGG Pathway Info.05
H-Inv Transcript IDMIM ID.12
H-Inv Transcript IDMINT ID.18
H-Inv Transcript IDPDB ID.46
H-Inv Transcript IDPubMed ID.46
H-Inv Transcript IDRefSeq Protein Accession.29
H-Inv Transcript IDRefSeq mRNA Accession.84
H-Inv Transcript IDSCOP ID.46
H-Inv Transcript IDUniProt Accession.39
H-Inv Transcript IDUniProt Entry Name.29
H-Inv Transcript IDdbSNP ID.01
HGNC IDEnsembl Gene ID1
HGNC IDUniProt Accession.5
HGNC IDUniProt Entry Name.5
HMDB MetaboliteHMDB Enzyme - Gene Symbol.65
HMDB MetaboliteHMDB Enzyme - UniProt Entry Name.65
HMDB MetaboliteHMDB Metabolite Desc1
HMDB MetaboliteKEGG Pathway ID.32
HMDB MetaboliteMIM ID.04
HMDB MetabolitePubChem ID0
HomoloGene IDGene ID1
HomoloGene IDRefSeq Protein Accession1
IPI IDUniProt Accession1
IPI IDUniProt Entry Name1
Illumina IDEnsembl Gene ID0
InterPro IDEnsembl Gene ID0
InterPro IDGO - Biological Process0
InterPro IDGO - Cellular Component0
InterPro IDGO - Molecular Function0
InterPro IDGene ID0
InterPro IDH-Inv Locus ID0
InterPro IDUniProt Accession0
InterPro IDUniProt Entry Name0
KEGG Compound IDKEGG Compound Name1
KEGG Compound IDKEGG Pathway ID.37
KEGG Compound IDKEGG Reaction ID.51
KEGG Compound NameKEGG Compound ID1
KEGG Compound NameKEGG Pathway ID.37
KEGG Compound NameKEGG Reaction ID.51
KEGG Disease IDGene Symbol.84
KEGG Disease IDKEGG Disease Info1
KEGG Disease IDKEGG Drug Name.3
KEGG Drug IDDrugBank Drug ID.22
KEGG Drug IDKEGG Compound ID.17
KEGG Drug IDKEGG Drug Info1
KEGG Drug IDKEGG Drug Name1
KEGG Drug IDKEGG Pathway ID.3
KEGG Drug IDPubChem ID1
KEGG Drug NameDrugBank Drug ID.28
KEGG Drug NameKEGG Disease ID.05
KEGG Drug NameKEGG Drug Info1
KEGG Drug NameKEGG Pathway ID.31
KEGG Drug NamePubChem ID1
KEGG Gene IDEC Number.19
KEGG Gene IDGI Number.95
KEGG Gene IDGene ID.98
KEGG Gene IDH-Inv Locus ID.01
KEGG Gene IDKEGG Pathway ID.25
KEGG Gene IDUniProt Accession.9
KEGG Gene IDUniProt Entry Name.17
KEGG Pathway IDEC Number.47
KEGG Pathway IDGene ID.48
KEGG Pathway IDKEGG Compound Name.01
KEGG Pathway IDKEGG Gene ID.48
KEGG Pathway IDKEGG Pathway Info1
KEGG Pathway IDKEGG Pathway Title1
KEGG Pathway IDUniProt Accession.4
KEGG Pathway IDUniProt Entry Name.4
MGI IDEnsembl Gene ID0
MGI IDUniProt Accession0
MGI IDUniProt Entry Name0
MIM IDEnsembl Gene ID.79
MIM IDGene ID1.1
MIM IDGene Symbol.83
MIM IDH-Inv Locus ID.12
MIM IDUniProt Accession.99
MIM IDUniProt Entry Name.99
MaizeGDB IDUniProt Accession0
MaizeGDB IDUniProt Entry Name0
NCIPID Pathway NameNCIPID Pathway Description1
NCIPID Pathway NameNCIPID Pathway Title1
NCIPID Pathway NameUniProt Accession.16
NCIPID Pathway NameUniProt Entry Name.16
Organism Scientific NameTaxon ID1
PDB IDEnsembl Gene ID0
PDB IDUniProt Accession0
PDB IDUniProt Entry Name0
Pfam IDEnsembl Gene ID0
Pfam IDGO - Biological Process0
Pfam IDGO - Cellular Component0
Pfam IDGO - Molecular Function0
Pfam IDUniProt Accession0
Pfam IDUniProt Entry Name0
PharmGKB IDPharmGKB Disease ID0
PharmGKB IDPharmGKB Drug Info0
PharmGKB IDPharmGKB Gene ID0
PubChem IDDrugBank ID0
PubChem IDHMDB Metabolite0
PubChem IDHMDB Metabolite ID0
PubChem IDKEGG Drug ID0
Reactome Pathway NameGene ID1.05
Reactome Pathway NameGene Symbol1.06
Reactome Pathway NameReactome Pathway Description75.57
RefSeq Genomic AccessionGene ID0
RefSeq Protein AccessionAffy ID.02
RefSeq Protein AccessionEnsembl Gene ID.01
RefSeq Protein AccessionEnsembl Protein ID.01
RefSeq Protein AccessionEnsembl Transcript ID.01
RefSeq Protein AccessionGene ID.41
RefSeq Protein AccessionH-Inv Locus ID.01
RefSeq Protein AccessionHPRD Non Protein Interactor.01
RefSeq Protein AccessionHPRD Protein Complex.01
RefSeq Protein AccessionHPRD Protein Feature.01
RefSeq Protein AccessionHPRD Protein Interactor.01
RefSeq Protein AccessionHPRD Protein Modification.01
RefSeq Protein AccessionHomolog - All Protein Acc.01
RefSeq Protein AccessionHomolog - Human Protein Acc.01
RefSeq Protein AccessionHomolog - Mouse Protein Acc.01
RefSeq Protein AccessionHomolog - Rat Protein Acc.01
RefSeq Protein AccessionRefSeq Genomic Accession.41
RefSeq Protein AccessionRefSeq Protein Info1
RefSeq Protein AccessionRefSeq mRNA Accession.19
RefSeq Protein AccessionUniProt Accession.08
RefSeq Protein AccessionUniProt Entry Name.08
RefSeq Protein AccessiondbSNP ID.01
RefSeq mRNA AccessionAffy ID.06
RefSeq mRNA AccessionEnsembl Gene ID.03
RefSeq mRNA AccessionEnsembl Protein ID.03
RefSeq mRNA AccessionEnsembl Transcript ID.03
RefSeq mRNA AccessionGene ID1.03
RefSeq mRNA AccessionH-Inv Locus ID.01
RefSeq mRNA AccessionRefSeq Genomic Accession1.02
RefSeq mRNA AccessionRefSeq Protein Accession.97
RefSeq mRNA AccessionRefSeq mRNA Info1
RefSeq mRNA AccessiondbSNP ID.04
SGD IDEnsembl Gene ID0
SGD IDUniProt Accession0
SGD IDUniProt Entry Name0
TAIR IDUniProt Accession1
TAIR IDUniProt Entry Name1
Taxon IDOrganism Scientific Name1
UniGene IDAffy ID.18
UniGene IDEST Accession.87
UniGene IDEnsembl Gene ID.11
UniGene IDGenBank Nucleotide Accession1
UniGene IDGenBank Nucleotide GI1
UniGene IDGenBank Protein GI.23
UniGene IDGene ID.2
UniGene IDTissue (expressed in).44
UniGene IDUniGene Sequence Accession1
UniGene IDUniProt Accession.05
UniGene IDUniProt Entry Name.05
UniProt AccessionAffy ID.05
UniProt AccessionAllergome Code.01
UniProt AccessionBioCyc ID.08
UniProt AccessionCPDB Protein Interactor.01
UniProt AccessionCYGD ID.01
UniProt AccessionCleanEx ID.01
UniProt AccessionDIP ID.01
UniProt AccessionDisProt ID.01
UniProt AccessionDrugBank Drug ID.01
UniProt AccessionDrugBank Drug Name.01
UniProt AccessionEC Number.61
UniProt AccessionEchoBASE ID.01
UniProt AccessionEcoGene ID.01
UniProt AccessionEnsembl Gene ID.02
UniProt AccessionEnsembl Transcript ID.02
UniProt AccessionFlyBase Gene ID.01
UniProt AccessionGO - Biological Process.66
UniProt AccessionGO - Cellular Component.52
UniProt AccessionGO - Molecular Function.72
UniProt AccessionGenBank Nucleotide Accession1
UniProt AccessionGene ID.14
UniProt AccessionGene Symbol.82
UniProt AccessionGene Symbol ORF0
UniProt AccessionGene Symbol Ordered Locus0
UniProt AccessionGeneFarm ID.01
UniProt AccessionH-Inv Locus ID.01
UniProt AccessionHAMAP ID.58
UniProt AccessionHGNC ID.01
UniProt AccessionHMDB Metabolite.01
UniProt AccessionHPA ID.01
UniProt AccessionIPI ID.5
UniProt AccessionInterPro ID.81
UniProt AccessionKEGG Gene ID.13
UniProt AccessionKEGG Orthology ID.7
UniProt AccessionKEGG Pathway ID.02
UniProt AccessionKEGG Pathway Info.02
UniProt AccessionLegioList ID.01
UniProt AccessionLeproma ID.01
UniProt AccessionMEROPS ID.01
UniProt AccessionMGI ID.01
UniProt AccessionMIM ID.01
UniProt AccessionMaizeGDB ID.01
UniProt AccessionNCIPID PTM.01
UniProt AccessionNCIPID Pathway Name.01
UniProt AccessionNCIPID Protein Complex.01
UniProt AccessionNCIPID Protein Interactor.01
UniProt AccessionOrphanet ID.01
UniProt AccessionPANTHER ID.27
UniProt AccessionPDB ID.01
UniProt AccessionPIR ID.02
UniProt AccessionPIRSF ID.23
UniProt AccessionPRINTS ID.21
UniProt AccessionPROSITE ID.44
UniProt AccessionPeroxiBase ID.01
UniProt AccessionPfam ID.79
UniProt AccessionPharmGKB Gene ID.01
UniProt AccessionPptaseDB ID.01
UniProt AccessionProDom ID.04
UniProt AccessionPseudoCAP ID.01
UniProt AccessionREBASE ID.01
UniProt AccessionRGD ID.01
UniProt AccessionReactome ID.01
UniProt AccessionRefSeq Protein Accession.17
UniProt AccessionSGD ID.01
UniProt AccessionSMART ID.16
UniProt AccessionTAIR ID.01
UniProt AccessionTCDB ID.01
UniProt AccessionTIGRFAMs ID.52
UniProt AccessionTaxon ID1
UniProt AccessionTubercuList ID.01
UniProt AccessionUCSC ID.01
UniProt AccessionUniGene ID.02
UniProt AccessionUniProt Entry Name1
UniProt AccessionUniProt Info5.45
UniProt AccessionUniProt Protein Name1
UniProt AccessionWormBase Gene ID.01
UniProt AccessionXenBase Gene ID.01
UniProt AccessionZFIN ID.01
UniProt AccessiondictyBase ID.01
UniProt Entry NameAllergome Code.01
UniProt Entry NameBioCyc ID.02
UniProt Entry NameCPDB Protein Interactor.01
UniProt Entry NameCYGD ID.01
UniProt Entry NameCleanEx ID.01
UniProt Entry NameDIP ID.01
UniProt Entry NameDisProt ID.01
UniProt Entry NameDrugBank Drug ID.01
UniProt Entry NameDrugBank Drug Name.01
UniProt Entry NameEC Number.11
UniProt Entry NameEchoBASE ID.01
UniProt Entry NameEcoGene ID.01
UniProt Entry NameEnsembl Transcript ID.01
UniProt Entry NameFlyBase Gene ID.01
UniProt Entry NameGO - Biological Process.12
UniProt Entry NameGO - Cellular Component.1
UniProt Entry NameGO - Molecular Function.13
UniProt Entry NameGenBank Nucleotide Accession.19
UniProt Entry NameGene ID.03
UniProt Entry NameGene Symbol.15
UniProt Entry NameGene Symbol ORF0
UniProt Entry NameGene Symbol Ordered Locus0
UniProt Entry NameGeneFarm ID.01
UniProt Entry NameH-Inv Locus ID.01
UniProt Entry NameHAMAP ID.11
UniProt Entry NameHGNC ID.01
UniProt Entry NameHMDB Metabolite.01
UniProt Entry NameHPA ID.01
UniProt Entry NameIPI ID.4
UniProt Entry NameInterPro ID.15
UniProt Entry NameKEGG Gene ID.03
UniProt Entry NameKEGG Pathway ID.02
UniProt Entry NameKEGG Pathway Info.02
UniProt Entry NameLegioList ID.01
UniProt Entry NameLeproma ID.01
UniProt Entry NameMEROPS ID.01
UniProt Entry NameMGI ID.01
UniProt Entry NameMIM ID.01
UniProt Entry NameMaizeGDB ID.01
UniProt Entry NameNCIPID PTM.01
UniProt Entry NameNCIPID Pathway Name.01
UniProt Entry NameNCIPID Protein Complex.01
UniProt Entry NameNCIPID Protein Interactor.01
UniProt Entry NameOrphanet ID.01
UniProt Entry NamePANTHER ID.05
UniProt Entry NamePDB ID.01
UniProt Entry NamePIR ID.01
UniProt Entry NamePIRSF ID.05
UniProt Entry NamePRINTS ID.04
UniProt Entry NamePROSITE ID.08
UniProt Entry NamePeroxiBase ID.01
UniProt Entry NamePfam ID.15
UniProt Entry NamePharmGKB Gene ID.01
UniProt Entry NamePptaseDB ID.01
UniProt Entry NameProDom ID.01
UniProt Entry NamePseudoCAP ID.01
UniProt Entry NameREBASE ID.01
UniProt Entry NameRGD ID.01
UniProt Entry NameReactome ID.01
UniProt Entry NameRefSeq Protein Accession.03
UniProt Entry NameSGD ID.01
UniProt Entry NameSMART ID.03
UniProt Entry NameTAIR ID.01
UniProt Entry NameTCDB ID.01
UniProt Entry NameTIGRFAMs ID.1
UniProt Entry NameTaxon ID1
UniProt Entry NameTubercuList ID.01
UniProt Entry NameUCSC ID.01
UniProt Entry NameUniGene ID.01
UniProt Entry NameUniProt Accession1
UniProt Entry NameUniProt Info1
UniProt Entry NameUniProt Protein Name.19
UniProt Entry NameWormBase Gene ID.01
UniProt Entry NameXenBase Gene ID.01
UniProt Entry NameZFIN ID.01
UniProt Entry NamedictyBase ID.01
UniProt Protein NameUniProt Accession1
UniProt Protein NameUniProt Entry Name1
UniSTS IDGene ID.65
dbSNP IDAffy ID.01
dbSNP IDEnsembl Gene ID.56
dbSNP IDGene ID.2
dbSNP IDH-Inv Locus ID.01
dbSNP IDRefSeq Protein Accession.02
dbSNP IDRefSeq mRNA Accession.2
miRBase IDEnsembl Gene ID0
miRBase IDmiRBase Mature miRNA Acc1
miRBase Mature miRNA AccmiRBase ID1